Memorizing Scripture With Song - Not Just for Kids!

by Jack Marti

My wife and I have been involved in writing, collecting and recording scripture songs for the past eighteen years. We have found it to be the most effective way to hide God's Word in our heart. I tried for several years to memorize scripture the hard way, and had limited success. I could memorize a certain passage of scripture, but if I didn't repeat it regularly, I would soon lose it. One day I realized I already had several important passages memorized and I'd probably never forget them. They were scripture songs I had learned through the years.

Apparently, it seems, music communicates with a different part of our brain than just words. If you can associate words with music, it's much easier, almost effortless, in fact, to remember them. Once I realized that, I started composing my own scripture songs, so I could more readily memorize the passages I wanted to make mine. Before long, people started asking if we had any recordings of our scripture songs as we would share them in church and campmeetings we attended. That's how our scripture song ministry, Joyful Noise Scripture Songs Ministry, was born.

We have been making recordings now for almost two decades and have helped hundreds of people hide God's Word in their heart. If you'd be interested in hearing mp3 clips of any of our songs, you can download them from our site:

Joyful Noise Scripture Songs Ministry